Cell Phone Service

International plans

Most US carriers partner with European providers to extend good rates and services to US travelers. A good value we like is the option to pay just $10 per day for unlimited voice, text, and data. You are not charged this daily rate if you go a day without using cellular data. You can call your service provider for details now or when you arrive to set this up.

Download Offline maps

While cell phone service is very good in the area, the service can be spotty in some homes and valleys. As exciting as it can be to get lost in foreign country, you can download areas map data to your phone and navigate offline with Google Maps. Just install Google Maps on your mobile device, then define the map area to save locally to your phone.



Free Wifi On the square

The comune of Apricale provides free wifi for visitors on the town square piazza—no password needed. Enjoy a lovely espresso on the Piazza di Apricale to check email, share your #FabFortyItaly memories on Instagram, or gossip about your amazing time via VOIP and messaging apps.

wifi in rooms

Wifi access is not as ubiquitous as it is in the states. If you’ll require in-room wifi, you’ll have to look for these accommodations very carefully.


INSIDER TIP: Many locals use WhatsApp to communicate vs. regular SMS text messaging. Download WhatsApp to communicate internationally FREE using wifi (when connected) or cell service (if you add an international plan, described above.)



Adapters & Converters

Not only are the shapes of electrical outlets and plugs different in Italy, the electrical grid of Italy is 230v vs. 110v in the US. Fortunately, the majority of today’s gadgets, like your cell phone, laptop chargers, and curling irons, are most likely “multi-voltage” or “dual-voltage,” which means they’ll work on both US and Italian current. If your US 2-pronged gadget says (usually in teeny tiny print) it accepts “110v/230v“ or a range of at least “110v-230v”, you’ll be fine with a simple US-to-Italy adapter. If you’re bringing your favorite 110v bread toaster (usually single-voltage), you’ll want to pack a US-to-Italy adapter + converter.


Rosso di sera bel tempo si spera.