Parking Karma

Rooted in 1092—nearly a millennium before the automobile—Apricale offers relatively convenient parking options, including parking lots and street parking along the perimeters of the village on Strada Provinciale 63 (SP63).

Once you get here, you’ll understand why small cars rule!


Parking & Walking Suggestions

You may find the following parking options convenient to the center of town. Be sure to check the location of your home or BnB so you don’t park somewhere too far away or too difficult for lugging suitcases up the cobblestone pathways or steps. 

Here are our recommended parking spots ordered by convenience and proximity to La Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, the official name of the main town square.

  1. Via Cavour Lot at the Top of the Town (150 meter walk; walking navigation): To get here, it may feel like you’re leaving Apricale, but the route loops back around into the parking lot closest to the town square. These spaces tend to fill up first in the late afternoon and especially during the summer. It’s the “flattest” walkway, no stairs, and is most convenient for suitcases. In case you strike out, there’s additional street and overflow parking the cemetery (which’ll tack on an extra 300m to your walk).

  2. Lot and Street Parking Near Apricus Osteria & Bar (250 meter walk; walking navigation): With a few rolling hills, the Via Roma walkway will lead you to Baci Ristorante where you’ll make a right turn under the castle and up a few stairs to arrive at the piazza. While the route is relatively convenient for suitcases, missing one key turn could get a first-time visitor lost (which can be quite fun, too!)

  3. Parking Structure (400m walk; walking navigation): Park only on the top level. The level beneath is parking by permit only. Same walking route as #2 above; it’s just a bit further away.

  4. Bottom of the Hill as You First Drive into Apricale (~300 meter walk; walking navigation): Directionally challenged? Park here! Although the walk is a very steep ascend up Via Giuseppe Garibaldi—the historic, original “main street” of Apricale—it’s a straight shot to the piazza. This route is not convenient for lugging around heavy suitcases or for guests with joint or respiratory issues. On the bright side, you’ll have a much more pleasant jaunt down to your car later!

Segui il tuo corso, e lascia dir genti.