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How to Prep

Q: When should I start booking my accommodations? 🛌
A. NOW. July is prime tourist season in this region. The earlier you book, the better your rate and reduced chances of nonavailability. Check out these convenient accommodations.

Q: I’m a maxxinista bargain hunter. Any tips for booking cheap flights? 💸
A: Certo! Sometimes, it's cheaper to book each leg on separate reservations. For example, book one flight reservation from here to London, then a separate one with EasyJet from London to Nice. (EasyJet is like the Southwest Airlines of Europe.) The downsides: You’ll likely need to claim your bags, go through customs, and re-check at each stop, so ensure you give yourself enough time; if a flight is delayed or canceled, you probably won’t be able to seek any reimbursements or re-bookings.

Q: What are the planned activities? 🤸
A: The group activities we’re organizing on Friday (Jul 19) and Saturday, (July 20) all take place in Apricale, Italy. Sunday’s recovery day is on the beaches in Vallecrosia, Italy—the only official #FabFortyItaly event outside of Apricale. Get all the schedule details.

Q: I’d like to explore the region or Europe while I’m there. 🎒🛤️ Should I stay in Apricale the whole time?
A: No. Apricale is centrally located near Eze, Monaco, Cannes, St. Tropez, and many other highly-sought destinations. There is also easy access to trains and airports for some country-hopping about Europe. We encourage you to stay in Apricale during our birthday festivities Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21 and venture out to explore before or after!

What to Pack

Q: What’s the weather like during July, and what should I wear? 🌄🌅
A: Apricale is perched in the foothills of the Italian Riviera just above the Mediterranean Sea. At a similar latitude as Northern California, you can expect warm to hot days (avg. high of 76°F) with moderate humidity. Summer nights can dip down into the 50s, so be sure to pack a sweater or light coat. Unless you’re going to church, Apricale is a very casual village, so skirts, shorts, jeans, and shirts are all A-OK. Don’t forget to pack your favorite Speedo for Sunday’s beach day! 👙

Q: I’m a fashionista, baby. Should I bring my stilettos? 👠🏰💥
A: Definitely not—unless you have the ankles of a Roman goddess. You’ll be hoofin’ it around Apricale, a medieval castle village with roads (walkways) made of very uneven cobblestone, all weekend. (Think Old Town Boston cobblestone—times five.) Sensible, comfortable shoes or sneakers with good padding are highly recommended. Even Maria agrees. 💁🏽‍♀️

Currency & Time

Q: How does the whole currency thing work here? 💶
A: The official currency of both France and Italy is the euro (€). Note that the comma is used as a decimal separator here whereas a period is used in the US. Similar to the US dollar, the euro is subdivided into 100 cents. So 3,77 € is 3 euros and 77 cents (“3 euro e 77 centesimi”)—which converts to approximately USD $4.30.

Q: Should I carry cash? Is credit card accepted? 💳🛍️
A: We recommend that you carry around cash (in euros) as euros are accepted everywhere you’ll go. Most major US credit cards are commonly accepted here, but it’s not uncommon for retailers/restaurants to say they don’t accept card when they really do (so they can avoid the merchant fees). Before you arrive, remember to activate international travel on your US credit cards and be mindful of any euro-to-dollar conversion rates charges your credit cards may charge.

Q: What time is it?
A: Italy is in the Central European Standard Time (GMT+1). As does most of Europe, Italy uses the 24-Hour clock (AKA military time). Some Italians don’t stick to appointments necessarily, so don’t be surprised if you’re not seated till 7:30 for your 7:00 reservation.

Culture & Language

Q: Mama mia! Did I just insult the waitress? 🙉 What are the cultural taboos I need to know?
A: You gotta love ‘em. Italians are very open and unafraid of saying what they believe and how they feel. But they do it with l’amore italiano. Learn all about the social norms and etiquette of the region.

Q: The only words in Italian I know are “pizza” and “vino.” How will I survive? 🤷‍♂️
A: Fugyeddaboudit! We don’t speak it either (yet). About half of Apricalesi people seem to speak English sufficiently. You may find that many retail workers and people in the bigger cities like Ventimiglia speak English more prevalently. Most locals genuinely appreciate foreigners’ attempts to communicate in Italian and many may even provide supportive corrections with a smile. Check out our handy Italian 101 cheat sheet.

Q: Any pointers for learning “la lingua dell'amore”? 🗣️
A: The free language-learning mobile app Duolingo makes learning to converse and read Italian fun. Or use the Google Translate app. (Bonus: Wanna learn some fun swear words? Cazzo, sì! 💩)


Q: I can’t move. I think I’ve slipped into a carb-induced coma. What’s the Italian equivalent of 9-1-1 emergency? 🆘
A: 1-1-2 is the emergency number to memorize, and it works in any country within the EU. Other Italy-specific emergency numbers are:

  • 1-1-3: 🚓 State Police

  • 1-1-5: 🚒 Fire Brigade

  • 1-1-8: 🚑 Medical / Ambulance


Q: I can’t go a day with no phone or wifi. How can I hashtag the ‘gram with #FabFortyItaly? 📶
A: Che culo! Apricale has free wifi and the cell service is great. Here are the deets to get hooked up abroad.

Q: I’ll be lighting up Instagram all weekend and I’ll need a charge. What are the electricity outlets like? 🔌⚡🧚‍♀️🤳
A: Electrical plugs are quite different in Italy. And the electrical grid is 230v vs. the 110v grid of the US. Visit the technology connections page to see what kind of adapter or converters you’ll want to pack for your electronic gadgets.

La vita è un viaggio dove non si finisce mai di imparare.